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Your innovation in European healthcare markets.

FAQ Consulting globally analyzes trends and innovations in respect of their impact on the health care markets and helps all market players to take advantage of them and gain an early foothold in the market. Accordingly, we provide players with the appropriate strategies, market information, reimbursement strategies and sales support.

 For all companies we offer full-service solutions for their entry into the healthcare markets.

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 Regulatory Affairs with our partner MedRas


 Innovations and their Impact on the Healthcare market

 Competent advice on all topics with the network Healthcare Shapers

More information

More information

What can we do for you?

We are prepared to handle all subjects and your personal "Frequently Asked Questions" about the healthcare markets in Germany and Europe, in particular: regulatory affairs, market access, financing (reimbursement, private payer market) and implementation (sales and processes).

Below you will find some questions that we have answered in our latest projects:

  • What are the differences between the healthcare systems in the biggest European countries?
  • How can I find a distributor in each national market?
  • What are the best strategies for pricing, product and reimbursement in different European countries?
  • Does my service, my product, my device, my drug meet the interests of the payer, the hospitals, the physician, the patient?
  • How can I close a contract with a sickness fund?
  • What is my best strategy for the consumer market?

Due to many years of experience and solid market information, we can help you with to develop your best strategy and support your successful market access.

 We have got the answers to your questions. Individually, fast and reliable.

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